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Manila Aeromodelers Club
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We are a group of RC Model Airplane enthusiasts in Manila Philippines. We fly from a full scale grass field located in Tanauan Batangas, owned by Manny Barradas.


This is our world class flying field. It is located at Barangay Santor, Tanauan Batangas, Philippines. From Makati, take South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) all the way to the end (Exit 50). Exit heading towards Batangas. About 7 km from exit 50, take a right to enter Star highway. Take first exit (SAMBAT exit) and make a right turn going to Talisay/Tagaytay. About 2 km. ahead, a yellow sign which reads SUNRAY's Nursery will be visible Slow down, and be ready to take a right at the next road where a BARADAS AIRSTRIP sign is displayed. Follow this road up to the end where you will see an iron gate with Word War II vintage 20 mm machineguns mounted on each side. Enter this gate and proceed to the next gate which opens to the airstrip 



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