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Manila Aeromodelers Club
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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody who share the passion of model aviation to join our organization. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

Benefits of Joining

Our club offers the following:

  • A fantastic place to fly, with some of the best people to fly with.
  • We share our grass field with full scale aircraft. On weekends, it wont be unusual to witness a couple of flights by our full scale pilots in their clipped wing J3 Cub, PA 22 Tri-Pacer, Citabria, to name a few.
  • The field is well maintained by its owner, Manny Barradas, who has been our gracious host since modelers discovered this RC haven.
  • Club members and their families are welcome to use the club house and pool facilities which are part of the airfield complex (again thanks to our host, Manny Barradas).
  • Top-notch flight instructors are available for beginners.
  • Construction help and advice is always available to any member in need of help.
  • Participation in club organized events at various times of the year including the Barradas Cup which runs every 30th of November to coincide with Mr. Barradas' birthday.

In short, this club offers an excellent place for people to come together to help each other and to have the best time enjoying the hobby we love.

How Can You Join?

To join, we need a completed application form and payment of non-refundable provisional membership fee. During the provisional membership period of 6 mos., the applicant must attend at least 2 regular scheduled meetings and demonstrate proficiency in flying of his aircraft in accordance with club safety rules. After the probationary period, the applicant may be elevated to Regular member status by a 2/3 votes of members in good standing present during a meeting scheduled for membership acceptance purposes.

Manila Aeromodelers Club, Baradas Airfield, Tanauan Batangas