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Manila Aeromodelers Club
Jan 2004 Newsletter


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Last Jan 2, 2004 the club conducted a pattern fun-test for it members. We coined the term fun-test in place of contest because we wanted to convey a message that lots of fun was in store for those who would join. And true enough, everyone had so much fun. 

It was a well fought or should I say well played fun-test. Shown below are the results:

Intermediate class pattern:

     First Place ----   Louie Gamboa ( with his Sukhoi SU-26M)

     Second Place -- Matti Tuazon

     Third Place ---- Erwin Guinto


     First place ----- Richie Verame (OS 120 powered Warlock.)

Also during the funtest, the more prolific modelers like Obi, Erwin, Robbie and Joey brought their coroplast built airplanes. Some were even used in the pattern funtest. According to Obi, he will never build balsa planes anymore. Coroplast planes according to Obi are much easier to build not to mention much much cheaper. With good feedback on the plastic planes, I wont be surprised if more and more modelers will show up at the field with these coroplast planes.

New photos were added to the photo page courtesy of Obi. Check them out by clicking on the link below.

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